Latest projects

Out and About: Queering the Museum at RAMM (Royal Albert Memorial Museum in Exeter). A University of Exeter and RAMM partnership led by Dr Jana Funke  and Natalie McGrath.

Natalie will be Writer in Residence throughout the duration of this project to write a queer poetic heritage of the museum and the discoveries made revealing its queer stories over the next 18 months. This will include working with a range of LGBTQ+ partners and groups from across the city of Exeter and Devon.  Tours of the Rainbow Trail created last year as part of the development of this work.  A new oral heritage of LGBTQ+ people in Devon and installation of these in the museum itself. There will also a focused written response to love letters between Lesbian Medieval Nuns to be performed in the museum as part of the project’s offer. Natalie will also be working as a Cultural Heritage Producer working with artists who will be responding to the museums collections and programming a series of live events in collaboration with the museum itself and organisations like Exeter Pride and the Intercom Trust.

This is a National Lottery Heritage Fund supported project.


Project on Queer Loneliness in collaboration with the University of Exeter’s Wellcome Centre for the Cultures and Environments of Health in partnership with Exeter Northcott Theatre.  Natalie has been commissioned to write about Loneliness in relationship to queer narratives and stories on loneliness. Working with Dr Fred Cooper to consider LGBTQ+ stories and lives from Oscar Wilde’s The Ballad of Reading Gaol until present day to write a new play for a future ensemble of LGTQ+ performers.  The project is led by Fred: and it is currently in the very early stages of beginning the work in 2020.

Swimming Blogs. This is a new venture for Natalie where she will be sharing a series of blogs about swimming and not swimming during lockdown and as we emerge from it. Reflecting on fives years of being a beginner swimmer there will be a range of poetic considerations on what swimming has meant to Natalie and how it will inform future writing projects and new directions in her work.


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